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I am and always have been passionate about health and fitness. My training method is built around the unique abilities and goals of each one of my clients, with the aim of not only transforming bodies, but also enriching lifestyles. I started my career around 10 years ago and over the years have a gained experience in a number of different areas, learning how the human body works and how everyone is unique. I work closely with other local businesses where I have developed a great knowledge on nutrition from the most effective ways to lose fat, how food affect hormones within the body to eating to gain weight. I specialise in fat loss and also building muscle and gaining strength. Recently I have started to develop and taken a massive interest in Pilates, it's an amazing way to get fit and strengthen the entire body even for the fittest people, whilst diagnosing postural imbalances and improving them.  My passion is helping people achieve their goals my aim is to make a difference to people's lives. 

I have been on my own fitness journey through the years, starting out as a dancer at the age of three. I am now focusing on building muscle and my goal is to take part in a Fitness show in 2018. I am as passionate about my own goals as I am my clients. 

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